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Chondroitin and Glucosamine

Since chondroitin and glucosamine are key structural components in cartilage, they play an important role in the maintenance of healthy joints. International research shows that a high dosage ratio of these two substances work together to help the body to build and repair damaged or eroded cartilage, thereby helping the body to counter impaired mobility and to relieve the symptoms of painful and inflamed joints.

Chondroitin is a large molecule-sized compound that is used in the formation of the structure of the joint matrix, the intercellular substance of cartilage.

Because chondroitin pulls water towards itself it may help to attract water molecules into the cartilage matrix, which also acts as a spongy shock absorber.

Since chondroitin is a building block of proteoglycan molecules found in cartilaginous tissues, it can influence the formation of new cartilage matrix by stimulating chondrocyte metabolism and synthesis of collagen and proteoglycans.

Chondroitin has also been reported as inhibiting “bad guy” enzymes: leukocyte elastase, which is secreted in inflammation, and hyaluronidase, which is an enzyme that lowers the viscosity of the fluid between the cells in the joint.

Chondroitin also stimulates production by the synovial cells of hyaluronic acid which is a component of synovial fluid responsible for lubricating the joint. Viscosity is subsequently improved and synovial fluid levels return to normal.

Glucosamine is an amino-monosaccharide that is naturally produced in humans. It is one of the major substrates used in the biosynthesis of large molecules that form the cartilage which covers the surface of bones where they connect with other bones. Glucosamine is a major building block of proteoglycans and is needed to make the proteins that bind water in the joints.

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