Give joint pain the cold shoulder this winter

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Give joint pain the cold shoulder this winter

Winter is fast approaching and when the temperature plummets, it always seems as though your joints seize-up.  But is it the cold weather that is affecting your joints, or is it just that we are less

“Cold weather and joint pain always seem to go hand-in-hand but despite numerous studies on the subject no link has been discovered.  Yet still many individuals who complain of joint pain, do state that it worsens in the colder months,” says Akash Beecum, brand manager of OsteoEze®. Beecum goes on to explain that one theory suggests that the pressure changes in the weather affects the joints; while others suggest that it is more psychological than physical – and due to the unpredictable factors involved in the study (weather, people, etc.), there has been no conclusive finding.

“When the weather is less than appealing, we do tend to avoid significant physical activity, and this can also be directly linked to increased levels of joint pain, as keeping active keeps your jointsoe_winterblog_2017 warm and therefore in better condition,” adds Beecum.

Heat therapy can help relieve joint pain during the colder months; this can include holding a hot towel to the area, or simply lying in a hot bath. For effective results also use a heat rub, such as the OsteoEze® Rub with capsicum which is a hot relief for muscles and joints.* Use in conjunction with OsteoEze® Gold, which assist with joint mobility, swelling, stiffness and builds healthy cartilage.*

*Efficacy of support between users may vary.

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